Porecelain | 12" x 12"

I love the shape of my wet paintings and when I first started painting I was very disappointed to see the texture flatten as it dried. This motivated me to make some wall art out of clay, so I could emulate the sense of drama the wet paint created. When I first started using clay (instead of more basic Sculpey or Fimo putty) the results were catastrophic - cracks and shrinkage galore! So I signed up for a pottery class to understand the dynamics of the medium. 

This piece is made a whim, on a get shit done day with Kiln Ceramic Jewellery. Thanks for the supplies and thanks to FritsFirings for the kiln space! As you can see I was not able to master the medium after the course, 2 cracks got the best of me... but there is a lot to catch the eye in this piece so I'm giving it an -A.