I'm Not Always Perfect But I Try | 14" x 24"

I love the shape of my wet paintings, when I first started painting I was very disappointed to see the texture flatten as it dried. This motivated me to make some wall art out of clay, so I could emulate the sense of drama the wet paint created. 

After making my 3 little gold pieces I, of course, wanted to go BIG. Nights and nights and nights of clay shape making later and still not enough pieces. Finally a year later I decided to make something out of the bag of clay balls I had been shlepping around. I added a few new shapes, updated to the latest colour scheme et voila! Finish it off with days of slaving over a 5.5 L epoxy finish. I compromised the texture of the mini-clay-statues, but dang, nothing says baller quite like a fat slab of epoxy finish!