Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker | 8" x 10"

After making perfect circles for patterns, I moved on to unperfected circles for patterns. Not a far leap but definitely a different effect. Again a delicate dance between types and textures of paint, and trying to figure out which ones play well with others. 

I am obsessed with these colours, i'm thinking of doing another series cause I just didn't get them out of my system. I bought 4 sample sized latex paints at the store, and scored 2 beige off tints and this is one of the offspring. Making this I learned that all latex paints are not the same, and the very important lesson that a painting undergo mass transformation as it dries. Using different paints created this crackle effect - which is probably my favourite part. Un-recreatable, one of a kind. This is sealed with a thin layer of epoxy, it shines bright like a diamond and is solid as a rock!

latex and epoxy on canvas 8" x 10"