Simpler Times | 6" x 6"


This is one of my earlier day paintings, still working to perfect the patterns and learning that different colour acrylics are not always the same consistency - who would have thought? Another day in the adventures of playing with student grade acrylics. I like 70s colours a lot, that's what I was going for here and still experimenting with in my newer colour palettes. 

This tiny pattern was made with acrylic paint in squeeze bottles. I lived in Calgary at the times, and decided to experiment with paint - needless to say its been my hobby every since! It took a lot of experimenting with different paints and bottles and nozzles to get it just right. Now, its like riding a bike. This one has a thin layer on epoxy on top for an extra glassy finish!

acrylic and epoxy on canvas 6" x 6"