Out of Town | 36" x 36"


At the beginning everything was learning, practicing, discovering. I always new I wanted to make larger than life paintings but I had to earn them first. This is the first large painting ever made. I had to wait to have the house to myself, it took up the entire kitchen table. In case you are wondering, there is about 6 litres of paint and a litre of pouring medium in this piece of work. 

This is made on a recycled ikea painting (oh Marilyn). I have a few regrets and many great learnings: always works with a tight canvas tighter, don't use store brand pouring medium, for eff sakes test the colours on a smaller painting first. I think it still turned out great, I get a lot of compliments on it... but the perfectionist in me wants more, so its a fab fine find for you!

acrylic and epoxy on canvas 36" x 36"