Landing Strip | 7" x 19"


I was cruising home in my subaru on a sunny day in Calgary, when I drove past a wood shop with a sign for free firewood outside. MAYDAY! I pulled in and picked up a few flat pieces of cedar to use for paintings, one of them turned in to this.

The background is a blend of Acrylics and the central pattern was made with acrylic paint in squeeze bottles. It took a lot of experimenting with different paints and bottles and nozzles to get it just right. The yellow and green were really compatible colors - what I mean by that is that all the acrylics I used has slightly different thicknesses, which made it really hard for the patterns to turn out consistent. The yellow and green went together like PB&J! This guy is covered in a 1/4 inch layer of epoxy, its virtually indestructible. Its covering an awful hole in my wall right now, I will have to make a new one when it is sold!

acrylic and epoxy on wood 7" x 19"