Free Falling | 18" x 24"


Fuck I love this one. Its so perfect. Art is not supposed to be about perfection but for a perfectionist sometimes it is... secretly, i sometimes even plan out even imperfections! This pattern was made with acrylic paint in squeeze bottles. I lived in Calgary at the times, and decided to experiment with paint - needless to say its been my hobby every since! It took a lot of experimenting with different paints and bottles and nozzles to get it just right. Now, its like riding a bike. 

This one was my first in my series of larger paintings. After drying for several days, I was still paranoid the paint was wet. When I first hung it one the wall I would check on it to make sure the paint wasn't sliding off the panel. Eventually I added a thin layer of epoxy, so this is staying put for good! The pattern is exactly how I want it to be and the size and colors leave a mesmerizing effect. There is more to come in this series!

acrylic and epoxy on wood panel 18" x 24"