Catch 22 | 8" x 10"


After making perfect circles for patterns, I moved on to unperfected circles for patterns. Not a far leap but definitely a different effect. Again a delicate dance between types and textures of paint, and trying to figure out which ones play well with others. 

When I first started I wasn't even really sure what to paint on, everything was an experiment. I went through a phase where I painted on the backings of frames, this one works really well - but you certainly reframe it if you like. I like the idea of texture and intrigues in the background, i played with origami paper and fabrics, this newspaper piece worked out for the best. This is one of the few pieces made in my favourite colour scheme, get it before I change my mind!

latex paint framed 8" x 10"

Collections: Collections, Fine: Fly

Type: Latex Framed