The Suspense is Terrible, I Hope it'll Last | 7" x 24"


Who hasn't looked at a Pollock painting and wanted to get their hands dirty? The piece is made on a wood panel, with squirt bottles again, only a much less systematic approach!

I has heard of this great product called epoxy and really wanted to try it, instead of the pouring medium cover I was using on the other paintings. I couldn't find epoxy for the life of me, who would have thought you can't buy it at the hardware store?! I ended up with a car repair kit (hilarious now) the slight yellow tinge to the epoxy adds a mystical hue to the piece and works quite well. 

For some reason in early days, I really thought everything needed to be framed. So I cut the wood panel to fit inside this dollar store frame. what was I thinking? This is why its a great find, but please, I insist, reframe this bad boi!

latex and epoxy framed 7" x 24"